Frisco, NC

Frisco is quieter but just as exciting to visit. Located on Hatteras Island, there is seclusion and great places to dine and visit nearby Buxton. Enjoy the campground, cabins, and water activities in Frisco and still get lots of space to enjoy nature. Frisco, NC, is the play to enjoy Outer Banks as before development came in. Billy Mitchell airport is also a local place for small planes to come in and out on the island.

Frisco, NC

Frisco, NC, is located on Hatteras Island, inhabited by the Croatans back in the day. They lived off the land and sea before settlers landed in England. Archaeologists love to dig up old artifacts to learn the area’s history. Buxton and Frisco Woods have lots of buried treasures under the sand. A great place to discover the site’s natural history is the Frisco Native American Museum, run by locals. The name ‘Trent’ is sometimes used in Frisco, which comes from old Native American and European settlers. Frisco was the last area of the Outer Banks to be developed. Today, Frisco offers vacationers and locals a rustic feel of enjoying beautiful sunsets, wandering wide open beaches, and the hospitality and peace of being ‘at home’ on the beach. Camping, surfing, water sports, and nature are all part of the experience of enjoying Frisco. Dining and shopping are available nearby though a few places do exist in the area. Frisco is home to the island’s only go-kart track, with a mini golf course and flight tours as part of the attractions.

Frisco, NC

Frisco, NC is an unincorporated community on Hatteras Island, part of Outer Banks. Near Buxton and Hatteras, it is located in Dare County, North Carolina, and goes by the name ‘Trent’ or ‘Trent Woods’ to some locals. The land is primarily undeveloped, and there are vacation homes and amusements. Billy Mitchell Airport is located in Frisco and is a small, local airfield. Travelers can access Frisco by North Carolina Highway 12 as the main road in and out of the island.

What to Do in Frisco, NC

Frisco Native American Museum

Frisco Native American Museum is a museum focused on telling the story of Hatteras natives to the island. Look at artifacts and treasures that tell the story of the place before people inhabited it. Features include an annual powwow, and guests, dancers, and historians from local tribes tell the stories. The museum has a gift shop and nature trail along the Frisco Woods habitat.

Water sports

Water sports are a big part of life in Outer Banks. In Frisco, enjoy sound side activities like kayaking, windsurfing, parasailing, paddle boarding, and more. The Pamlico Sound is a great place to enjoy quieter waters, while the ocean side has lots of surfing and other activities in the more giant waves.

For visitors who love amusements and playing games, check out the Frisco Mini Golf and Go-Kart track next to some art galleries and Burrus’ Flight Tours. Have fun with friends and family at the track, and see some terrific art at Sensational Designs, Blue Lagoon, and others in nearby Buxton.
Take a flight on an aerial tour over Frisco and Hatteras Island.

Billy Mitchell airport

Visit Billy Mitchell airport, a small airstrip with gorgeous scenery that offers aerial tours across the region. Over 50 years old and constructed in the early ‘60s, Billy Mitchell Airport is managed by the NC Dept. of Aviation and National Park Service (NPS). The airport got its name from a World War I pilot. The airstrip is located across the street from Frisco Rod and Gun and is marked by a small sign. Open daily, 30 before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset, the runway offers 31 plane parking spaces and space for military planes and emergency copters. Some amenities and attractions are located in the small airport, along with nearby attractions like the beach and places to grab a bite to eat.

Shopping & Dining in Frisco, NC

Make the rounds of some shops in Frisco, NC. A few small galleries offer pieces to peruse or purchase. The Frisco Native American Museum offers treasures for sale and artifacts to look at when you visit. Stop by Frisco Rod and Gun for all your full-service hunting and fishing needs. Frisco Tackle is another excellent shop for beach gear, sunscreen, fishing tackle, and more. Stop by the Frisco Woods Camp Store if camping nearby to grab some camping gear and supplies. Stop by the In Touch Massage and Wellness Center to rest after a long day on the beach or touring for a great relaxing time.

Grab some great bites from Gingerbread House Bakery with pizza and baked goods for sale. Stop by Pamlico Deli for some excellent sandwiches. Acclaimed for fresh meals they also have fun events everyone can enjoy. Quarterdeck Restaurant has great, fresh seafood and homemade pies while Tavern on 12 serves up homemade food from hand-tossed pizzas to seafood specials with a low-key atmosphere.

Where to Stay in Frisco, NC

Find the best place to stay in Frisco by checking out the accommodations on offer. Families can stay in vacation rental homes. Coastal cottages, big homes and all inclusive retreat spaces offer plenty of room for everyone. Visitors can find anything for their budget and style along with finding nearby locations to stay and enjoy the views that will build memories for a long time to come.

Frisco Woods Campground offers people a more rustic experience of staying in the area and other campgrounds are in nearby Buxton and surrounding towns.

Frisco FAQ

Frisco is at the end of Hatteras Island, south of Buxton and Avon but north of Hatteras Village. It is part of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

Frisco Native American Museum hosts programs for the area in summer months. The annual powwow is held in April. Water adventure enthusiasts will enjoy all kinds of activities from kayaking to paddle boarding to surfing. Area towns host water competitions and have numerous events at night like musicians and performers.

Oceanside streets are available for entry to the beach. ORV ramp 49 gives people access to undeveloped 4WD shores. Public parking, showers and restrooms are available but lifeguards may not be at this end of Outer Banks on the beaches.

Visitors can stop by local museums like the Frisco Native American Museum or go up into the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and visit the museum. Nearby towns have art galleries, shops, and restaurants along with some bookshops for those wanting to look for local books or spend time sipping tea in a local cafe.